Day 13, RG 2017 – Muzza can hold his head high but it’s Stan that faces Rafa!

I usually fall out with tennis commentators, but when the term ‘resilient’ was used on Eurosport today to describe Muzza’s performance, I thought it summed it up. It was a credit to Murray, he was outplayed for large parts but stuck with Wawrinka, not letting him out of sight. He found himself two sets to one up, even though he was at least once a break down in both sets that he won. For a while, my concerns about Stan not being tested and peaking too soon looked to be coming to reality. As Muzza stuck with him, Stan started missing at some key moments and was certainly looking tight! He hasn’t been used to someone going with him in Paris and you could see the concern outwardly, with some worried stares at his box! He was super pumped today Stan and really played to the crowd but it also showed me that nerves were present! At the end of the fourth and the start of the fifth he played some absolutely top draw, lights out tennis. Murray couldn’t possibly have any answers to it, that’s how good it was. Ripping winners off the forehand, backhand, down the line and crosscourt. It was some hot spell and not even Murray’s superb defence could do anything about it! Great heart from Muzza and he can leave Paris knowing things look to be getting back on track. Stan will be hoping he can rip winners like that over 5 sets against Rafa on Sunday! Rafa marched his way into the final after beating Thiem in straights. I have actually seen a few comments about how Thiem doesn’t seem to be backing up results! Really?? Fair enough he didn’t in Rome after he beat Rafa, but I think he was physically shot and here?? Come on man! Rafa over 5 on the Chatrier? Leave off him! Rafa made sure there was nothing to see here today, another imposing performance, reminiscent of all the glory years gone by! Thiem has been class and seems to be learning from his mistakes. The scoreline might not suggest it today but he’s certainly been the second best player on the surface this season. I might have mentioned it once or twice you know!! For Nadal, number 10 now beckons and I still don’t see past him, why would I? True that Stan is someone who can just hit you off the court but Rafa is just calling all the shots right now. His court craft is just immense as he just drags his opponents around from pillar to post. It’s not just Rafa that will be doing the running come Sunday!

Andy Del Potro

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