10 Male Players with bang on Swag!


(10) Grigor Dimitrov – Baby Fed, though he may have a similar style of play to Federer there is no doubt Grigor has his own swag!  A good looking lad whose all court game makes him a very popular player on tour. His swag will only grow in the coming years as he further develops!



(9) Jo-Wilfred Tsonga – I think Jo fits into that category of someone who is quite simply liked by everyone. An attack minded player with plenty of power at his disposal and a very likable character. A  crowd friendly demeanour, they can feed off him in matches.  J-W is just cool basically and easily makes this list, you could say an ever present!



(8) Roger Federer – An automatic entrant.  This is the classic ‘English Gent’ cliche! Cream blazer, elegant mannerisms and very much a timeless classic swag! I think the Rolex sponsorship sums up what I’m trying to say in terms of the image! A very sharp swag is how I would describe the Fed-Ex, always looking on point! His etiquette suggests that a visit to the tailors has been made. Like I say, sharp!



(7) Nick Kyrgios – Bad boy swag! Nick has a swagger that some would say goes into arrogance, whether you love him or hate him he really won’t care. If you’re lucky he might even tell you and it’s his honesty I’m a big fan of! Usually sporting a sharp hair do and looking the part in his Nike gear, Nick’s flashy power game is something that adds to the personality. The game would miss what he has to offer were he not around!



(6) Gael Monfils – A natural entertainer. Monfils brings a presence and flamboyance to the court that is probably unmatched in the game. A very light hearted character who loves to play the game with a smile on his face, this is at times reflected by his shot selections but that’s what makes him so entertaining. This dude is crazy, in a good way of course and always has the crowd wanting more. Some top hair do’s over the years have also added to the man that is!



(5) Feliciano Lopez –  Feliciano is right up there! Flamboyant on the court with his serve/volley style of play and a definite favourite amongst many adoring female fans! Another player with good dress sense, long model hair and looks to boot, it once led to Judy Murray referring to him as “Deliciano Lopez”. A female friend also pointed out to me that Feli has a body to die for. Fair! PROPS! There doesn’t seem there is much that Feli doesn’t have in the locker!



(4) Rafa Nadal – An obvious automatic top ten entrant. Rafa has always had the physique and presence to be in the worlds elite here.  An aura that glows around him, making him the legend that he is today. Nike must have been laughing all the way to the bank when they got Rafa on board. Some iconic outfits over the years have made Nadal the most marketable player of my generation, the way he presents himself is largely the reason for this! The bandanna being the constant trademark over the years! How many kids want to be Rafa? How many males would secretly love to be Rafa? How many of our missus/wives wouldn’t mind a bit of that?? The proof is in the pudding sometimes!



(3) Tommy Haas – Swag across 3 deacdes! I remember the days of Tommy’s swag being seen as ‘surfer boy’ back in the late 90’s. Tommy has moved with the times though and those classic good looks have never left him, even at the age of 39! Known for being a top guy and when he retires this season it’s not just the top ten here he will be missed in! A bit of a don is Tommy! What makes him a definite in this list is the simple fact that he is equally liked by males and females and that’s not easy!



(2) Fabio Fognini – Haha love him! How can you not?  The way Fabio Struts around the court shows you the kind of swag we are dealing with here! A demeanour that can change like the wind, exceptional good looks, dress sense and a sense of humour to top it all off. Without being stereo typical it’s very easy to imagine Fabio driving around Rome/Milan, roof up, shades on, tunes on, in his red/yellow Ferrari/Lambo! An absolute geezer! I bet a night out with Fabio is absolutely mental!! Big Fan!



(1) Dustin Brown – Natural swag! That is what Dustin brings with him! This man has just got it….simple!  A very well known and popular figure amongst all tennis fans, an extrovert style of play which, though of low percentage entertains the crowd and get them on side.  The distinctive dreadlocks, piercing eyes and good looks come with a normality and humbleness that are very endearing. His story about the VW camper van when younger and travelling the tour in it makes him a unique character.

Just missing out on the list are Benoit Paire and Fernando Verdasco with their obvious good looks. Del Potro for simply being Del Boy. Muzza for his quirkiness. Dom Thiem has got it going on too. Sascha Zverev whose aura is building by the second, and Bernie Tomic for his life style consisting of females and cars! All vying for @DreddyTennis’s spot next year!

Andy Del Potro


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