The Serena Comeback!

So, it has emerged this week that Serena is on the confirmed entry list for January’s Australian Open. Will she play? We don’t know yet and there will be a lot of factors to take into consideration for the G.O.A.T. I am damned sure she will only play if she feels ready and the time is right!

For me personally, the comeback is all about getting it right, there is no rush. Better to return and to absolutely smash it by putting Court’s record firmly into second place in the history books than to return too soon! I do not think that anyone would argue over her status as the G.O.A.T, but if she wants to make it official then, she might as well do it on her own terms!

As a self-confessed fan and a fully subscribed member of Rena’s Army, I like many of her adoring fans will support her decision whatever. Who are we to argue with a 23 times Grand Slam Champion. She will know better than anyone how her body is feeling and if her emotions are in check. At 35 years of age myself, you start to appreciate certain moments when they come around and don’t take them for granted. It would, after all, be totally understandable if she wanted to spend time with her family and enjoy this chapter of her life with Alexis and Alexis Olympia.

Should she decide to swerve the Australian and assuming that she is fit and good to go, we know she will still go off tournament favourite for the French, Wimbledon and the U.S Open. Williams is also very aware of the fear factor that she will bring on her return to the court. Her competitors must be waiting with bated breath on this one, her absence has seen players stepping up with victories for Ostapenko, Muguruza (again) and Stephens in the majors. Should Serena decide to sit this one out, a whole host will be fancying breaking their duck! Close pal Caroline Wozniacki being one!

So it is very much a case of in Serena we trust. Why wouldn’t we? She very rarely lets us down!

Andy Del Potro

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