The Kid that Grew Up Supporting Tim Henman!

Reblog of my second most read article on Tim!

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When talking to my pals about what they would like me to blog about, two people have featured. Serena Williams (and my seemingly never ending love of, #Renasarmy) and Tim Henman (my fervent support of). The first will have to wait, I’m still celebrating number 23. Go on Gal!

So, where do I start with Tim? A strange idol you may think? My  first trip to Wimbledon in 1995 gave me a glimpse of my hero, I just didn’t know it yet! A Kenyan by the name of Paul Wekesa was taken to the cleaners by this young, skinny Brit. There was me thinking I’d chopped it off by seeing Wayne Ferreira earlier in the day on the old Court 2. Henman lost to ‘Pistol Pete’ Sampras in the next round then got defaulted in the doubles with Jeremy Bates the same day. Hmmm, I might follow this lad I…

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