The abuse Wozniacki received in Miami was totally unacceptable!

Having lost to Monica Puig in the second round of the Miami Open the Dane took to social media to describe her experience during her 0/6 6/4 6/4 loss to the Puerto Rican.

It read, “Last night I lost a tough match to a great opponent and friend Monica Puig at the Miami Open. I am fully aware that tennis is a game of wins and losses. However, during the match last night people in the crowd threatened my family, wished death threats on my mom and dad, called me names that I can’t repeat here and told my fiancé’s niece and nephew (who are 10 years old) to sit down and shut the f**k up, meanwhile security and staff did nothing to prevent this and even accepted this to take place. While I always encourage fans to cheer for their favourite player, and I thrive on a challenging atmosphere, when certain lines are crossed, it makes tennis miserable for both competitors. I hope the Miami Open chooses to take this seriously because it’s a horrible example to set for the next generation of tennis players and fans. I wish Monica all the best for the rest of the tournament.”

There really are some horrendous things happening in this statement of which none are acceptable and there is no place for in tennis.

There is a large amount of support for Puig in Miami due to the large population of Puerto Ricans that reside in the city and the fact she lives there herself. Thus she will have a lot of local support from different angles as a result. She is a popular player and rightly so, winning Olympic singles gold has put her into the history books and has given her legendary status. This level of abuse and threats is over the top to meteoric proportions having said that. I very much doubt Puig would have been happy with it either. It sounds uncomfortable all around, especially as all of Wozniacki’s team, including children, have been brought in to the matter.

As a pretty right-wing member of Rena’s Army would you expect me to behave like this? Would you expect the Federer Express fans to behave like this? Absolutely not.

People are not thinking of the consequences of their actions, yet again I say it, players (you can add entourages to that) are real people with feelings and emotions. Like any of us!

I find it amazing that the tournament officials did not get involved. I for one would expect them to wouldn’t you? They claim they were unaware of it but it is difficult to believe courtside and stadium stewards would not have heard some, if not most of this.

It is a shame as the vast majority of tennis fans worldwide are more than courteous and respect both sides of the net.

As the Dane says herself this is not the example to set for our future generation of players and fans. I would hope the event organisers are all over this now as there should be no repeat dealings of this kind of behaviour.

No player should be subjected to this and Caro is certainly no exception. She is one of the nicest, most honest and decent role models you could ask to represent to the game.

Andy Del Potro





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