The view on Muzza’s latest hip injury (rumour).

The news broke a few days ago that Murray looks to be struggling to find fitness for Wimbledon, with just under two months to the SW19 showpiece.

Judy Murray has since stated that, “His goal was always to be ready for the grass-court season and, fingers crossed, that will happen”. Let us hope this an accurate description.

Murray was last seen practicing at the Mouratogalou academy in France last month. Such is the obsession with social media that the fact he has not been putting up pics/videos of practice has deepened fans depression in light of this news. Should it? I’m not so sure. No, it is not positive but let us not get too carried away with it just yet.


Muzza is on the list for Rosmalen just before Queens Club. There were also rumours of him entering the new challenger event in Loughborough, that looks highly unlikely right now.

With only five weeks before his first official entry into an event, time is of the essence for Wimbledon 2018. Having said that you need to look at the bigger picture here. Should he not be ready and feeling right then there will be zero point and he will know that.

Ever since it has been known that Murray needed surgery I have had obvious concerns. This is no minor injury and fans need to remember that. As I once stated in a blog I was told there was a growing nervousness about him coming back to, at least to the level we expect and that he demands of himself. It is a huge ask for that level to appear overnight.

People refer to the fact that Nadal has come back from a hip injury. Please note, that is a hip injury, not hip surgery. I actually believe Rafa was more of a leg injury anyway. Basically, it is a totally different scenario. We may need to be patient here and certainly not expect too much too soon. Ask Leyton Hewitt, who had hip surgery a few times back in the day.


The level needed both technically and physically on tour means there is little margin to make the wrong decision here. It would not only set his season back but also his career.

Tennis isn’ t quite the same without Muzza. One thing is for sure he will continue to make the right decisions for his career, as he has done so many times in the past. I have his back on pretty much everything he does these days and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

In Murray we trust. Topman!

Andy Del Potro


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