Djokovic claims number 14 – Day 14 US Open.

The title pretty much says it all. Another very composed performance that was as solid as you like by and large. Solid and compact…that’s Nole’s bread and butter.


His ability to hang in there when his back is against the wall is so Rafa-like. Having led by a set and a break a few brief nerves kicked in and Delpo was all over him. The Argentine broke back and had points for 5/3. His forehand was starting to fly and we had a final on our hands. What Nole does so well once again proved the winning formula though. He resets and decides he’s not going to miss, it’s like playing against the garden wall as a kid. The Del Potro forehand broke down at some key moments in the first and second set last night and that was all Djokovic needed. You do wonder if the Serb is going to rule supreme again now. Wimbledon and the US are already in the bag and there is certainly a level or two higher in the locker. It is a worrying time for other males on tour.


I feel for Delpo, I like many would have loved to see him take his second title in New York but apart from that blitz in the second set, it didn’t look like it was going to happen last night. After not pressing home his advantage in game 8 and then the tie-break, you knew coming back from two sets down wasn’t likely. It was a shame, as he was playing at a consistently high level going into the final. It was Championship form. His forehand is the most exciting shot in the men’s game for me and he really interacts with the crowd and they relate to him. In his interview, he confessed to crying non-stop after the loss. He is one top geezer. This meant a lot to him and this lad deserves at least one more slam for what he has been through and his perseverance after it. I really hope it happens. Maybe Wimbledon next year??


I would like to say (on the small scale of things) the umpiring proved its inconsistency from the previous night’s action. When Nole went over the serve clock nothing was said. Probably good umpiring admittedly, why would you want to get involved? That is a side issue though and one, as you know I have an opinion on.

Anyway, Djokovic is back in town and there is no denying that now. He will really, really fancy his chances of claiming a seventh Aussie Open next up. A Slam where he has had his greatest success in the past.


It has been a great two weeks as always in NYC. The result wasn’t quite what I was hoping for but maybe i’ll get that in Melbourne.

Andy Del Potro

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