Daniil is boss and Murray’s return with Nick’s Poker face!

Daniil Medvedev is Boss. The Russians runner-up spots to Nick in Washington and Ralf (sorry Rafa lad) in Montreal in consecutive weeks surely wouldn’t be bettered! Three straight weeks? No chance he must need a rest? It is fair to say he has put two fingers up to that.

When you study it closely though, Daniil only played one three-set match over the three weeks, such is his form. Even so, it is still one hell of an effort. The three-set win just so happened to be over Novak Djokovic. His big serving, flat hard-hitting and consistency off the ground have been too much for many opponents throughout the year. Proven by the fact he has won the most matches on the ATP Tour this season. He had too much all in all for David Goffin in the final.

Medvedev now goes into the US Open as a clear fourth favourite amongst the bookmakers. That is some compliment when the only players more fancied than you, just so happen to be the three greatest of all time in the men’s game. He is now as short as 12/1 for glory in NYC and a top price 18/1. You can’t argue with the formbook.

It was great to see Muzza back out there on the singles court. If I have said it once I have said it a million times, I have missed Murray and it seems a lot longer than January since he played a singles match. I miss the ability, the passion, the berating, quite literally pretty much everything about him.

I made the point midweek that you still get people saying that ‘Murray has no personality’ that ‘he is a bit boring’. Absolute bollock. Let’s have this right, he has got both Nick and Feli Lopez in his box in Canada against Gasquet. The bad boy of tennis and possibly the games biggest ever playboy? Doesn’t sound too boring to me. People need to get over it, Muzza is class and he has got the personality and the bants. Legend.

I do find the weirdest of things amusing at times. Last week during the Gasquet match, Muzza was going mad at himself, shouting into his hands as he does and you could simply see Nick in the background refusing to make eye contact looking straight ahead. Motionless. Nothing unusual you may think? For me though, it is the stuff legends are made of all round. Why? Fuck knows to be honest (I’m strange??) but it still puts a smile on my face now. For all the criticism Kyrgios gets it is very, very undervalued how much he goes and supports his pals when they play. Two of them just so happen to be Evo and Murray, so naturally, I am a huge fan of this.

Murray’s decision not to play the US Open will, as always, have been with the long term goal in mind. There is even talk of him playing a Challenger during the US Open, that is of course after playing in Winston Salem this week. Interesting. Great to have him back and hear him talking so positively though.

On we go.

Andy Del Potro

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