Three things I might do in the heat of the moment!

I think this type of blog has plenty of legs and it is likely to be the start of a few of this ilk. When looking around on YouTube I see things that make me think I would probably do something similar in that situation on court. Some of you may agree with these. Others may not.


There are many reasons why I love Andy Murray, one of them is for his honesty. Lukas Rosol, on the other hand, has been known for causing a stir with his opponents in the past. Nadal and fellow Czech Tomas Berdych being two examples. Berdych has also had the odd disagreement with Nadal and Murray but it is Rosol that is notorious across the tour for it. In Munich in 2015 Murray and Rosol crossed paths as Rosol walked into the Scot at the change of ends. As they walked back out with Rosol still having words with the umpire, Murray shouted out across the net – “same every week… no one likes you on tour, everybody hates you”.

The glare that followed suggested he was up for any afters in the locker too. I am known for having a sharp tongue, so this is something I would more than likely say. Gotta love Muzza, he says it as it is, I think a lot of people appreciated this one. I would say he has had a more recent ‘incident’ a few weeks ago that will make the next blog too.


Nick gets a lot of grief for his antics but I tend to be pretty easy with most of it. Kyrgios represents the average dude, with a few other players, as they come across as your normal geezer. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are on it, you are on it. In Miami this year Nick had enough of some guy niggling away at him in the crowd during the early stages of his third-round clash with Dusan Lajovic. The spectator obviously wasn’t a fan of Kyrgios serving underarm and must have called out something at the Aussie. I think his responses to whatever was said are fair enough. What I like here is the way he doesn’t let it lie.

“You got nothing else to do on a Sunday night” (wink, wink…absolutely brilliant this). Then there was “bro, where’s your fam” and the chucking of the ball to the bloke and getting the crowd to give him a round of applause is sensational. Nick continues to clap after he received the code violation. Legendary stuff! That’s not 1-0 Nick, it is about 5! The spectator has been taken to shreds. These are just my personal favourites from the clip, there are so many.


On his way to a semi-final loss in Shanghai to Roberto Bautista Agut in 2016, Djokovic needed to get some anger out. Now, this isn’t the first time that Nole has done this, but it is something I can very much appreciate. Think about it logically. If you don’t want to curse, you don’t want to smash a racket and you don’t want to start shouting then why not just go ‘shirt it is’. The calmness shown in dissecting the top is unreal. Then he acts totally oblivious to what he had just done. Matter of course.

Hope you enjoyed.

Andy Del Potro

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