Two weeks of domination for Iga – Day 14 French Open.

That was another top performance in pretty much every sense of the word for Iga Swiatek. She could have served a little better if you were looking for absolute perfection but that is nitpicking. Mentally once again this was spot on. She seems so calm when in these positions. Nothing seems to really fluster her. Interestingly she said after that “I’m focusing on the things I do right now because winning is just an effect of my work that I’m doing every minute.” You can be as talented as you like, it is this maturity that has virtually seen her stroll to her first-ever grand slam at just 19-years-old.

swaitek day 14 french open 2020.2

It really has been a fantastic fortnight for the Pole. Let us not forget that she beat both last year’s runner-up, Marketa Vondrousova and this year’s red hot favourite and former champion, Simona Halep. She dropped just three games against each. Nobody has so much as taken her to a 7/5 set over the fortnight. I can’t stop thinking about the comments of Swiatek being like Agneskia Radwanska…with power. Now I used to like Aggie, she was a quality player and personality. You always wished for her that she had that ‘big shot’ though as you knew she was technically brilliant. Swiatek seems to be blessed with a mixture of power and touch. I really enjoyed her volleying today too.

swiatek day 14 french open 20202.323

The first set was very competitive and Kenin was showing her battling qualities by getting the match back on serve. You thought she would be able to keep it close and I’m sure she would have. There is no doubt that she was hindered by injury in the second set to her hip/thigh though. There wasn’t a lot she could do and that was visible. Especially in light of how well Swiatek was playing. As my mate reminded me though, Kenin was actually double bageled by Vika Azarenka in Rome recently. So it’s not been a bad two weeks by any stretch for her.

kenin day 14 french open 2020.2

We can now look forward to the men’s final. One thing looks for certain though, statistically, the most dominant player at this year’s event will have been today’s champion and not the winner of Nole/Rafa. Fair play Iga Swiatek.

swaitek day 14 french open 2020.j6pg

Andy Del Porto.

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