Nole and Rafa speak out as Serena asked ridiculous question.

With both Rafa and now Novak making noises and raising a few concerns on the return to top-flight tennis and the US Open, in particular, it puts a different slant on things. Nadal doesn’t seem too keen to go to New York and defend his crown as it stands and sees no rush to get back and Djokovic thinks the safety measures are ‘extreme’. The World Number One doesn’t really think it will work.

nole 1222
My opinion all along has been that things seem to be moving quickly, a bit too quickly. I’m not specifically talking about the US Open here. I simply mean travelling to and from different continents in a matter of weeks. I wouldn’t be making the decision right now if I was going to participate in both or either slam at the moment. Would you? Then again my approach to the pandemic has been somewhat cautious, to say the least. Has becoming a father last year been a factor in this? No doubt. My attitude may have been different not so long ago. Ultimately, common sense must prevail. I am missing ‘the grind’ of the tour as much as most fans but personally, I would rather be sure that everything is fine first.
I am not saying it shouldn’t go ahead, I just think everyone needs to keep an open mind for the time being. It should be constantly assessed and reviewed. If a lot of players didn’t turn up would everyone still want the events to be played? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t.



Alexis Ohanian has quit his role on the board of directors at Reddit and urged them to hire a black candidate. Great stuff mate.
I find it sad though that Serena had to answer questions about if she asked him to do it. The irony with it all is that behind those accusations, it stinks of racial undertones and people don’t always see that. Madness. Why does the question need to be asked anyway?
Maybe if those people took a step back and looked at a balanced view of it they might realise that Alexis may have done it for the future of us all and our kids. I like Alexis, realise the seriousness of what is going on in the world. I have a mixed-race child with my girlfriend and we can see what is happening in front of our own eyes. Others should get there heads out of there assess and see it too. Thankfully, I think the vast majority do.
Look after yourselves.
Andy Del Potro.


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